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Thread: How to convert excel file to word

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    How to convert excel file to word

    I have created one excel file (2007) with student information and now i want to convert that file in to word document for mail merging. Can any one tell which is the best software to convert excel file to word. Any help will be extremely appreciated.

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    Re: How to convert excel file to word

    It will be easier to make the change in Excel and then take it to Word/PDF. What you want to do is transpose the cells.Are you trying to use the information in the excel file as the "template" for your merge document or as the data for it?

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    Re: How to convert excel file to word

    Go to the File menu and select Open > Select the spreadsheet file > choose Save As > choose Text from the drop-down list > Click the Save button. This exports your student Excel file as a basic text document that can be opened by word processors like Microsoft Word.

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    Re: How to convert excel file to word

    Convert XLS : Convert Excel/CSV,TXT files to many different file types. (Many CSV massaging methods).Copy Specific Sheet Data or a whole set of worksheets from the same or different workbook.

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