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Thread: Translate text quickly In Internet Explorer 8

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    Translate text quickly In Internet Explorer 8

    Hello , i am Currently using internet explorer 8 , Can You Tell me How can i Translate a webpage or a Website Using Internet explorer 8 , During my research i found many link to Foriegn site that is needed to translated , but i dont how to translate website in internet explorer 8 , please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Translate text quickly In Internet Explorer 8

    To Translate text quickly In Internet Explorer 8 , You need to use Accelerator in internet explorer 8 ,In the previous version, when you want to translate some text, You are needed to select and copy the text, look for a good translater software , paste the text in the translation page , select the necessary options and after that finally You can have your translation. Well this is no longer needed with accelerators (new feature that facilitates access to Web services Quickly). Simply select the text, click the small arrow that appears and navigate your mouse pointer to the accelerator translation will show the translated text.

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    Re: Translate text quickly In Internet Explorer 8

    Yup , You are needed to Make the use of Accelerators in the Internet Explorer 8 , The new Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8 help you quickly perform your everyday browsing tasks without navigating to other websites to get things done. Simply highlight text from any webpage, and then click on the blue Accelerator icon that appears above your selection to obtain driving directions, translate and define words, email content to others, search with ease, and more. For example, with the "Map with Bing" Accelerator in Internet Explorer 8, you can get an in-place view of a map displayed directly on the page.

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    Re: Translate text quickly In Internet Explorer 8

    With integrated accelerators in Internet Explorer 8, you can easily translate a passage or an entire web page. By default, this feature requires the use of Microsoft Bing.

    Select the text to translate the page you have visit.

    Click on the blue square that appears next to the selection.

    Move the mouse to the Translate command with Bing.

    A Popup with the translated passage into your Language is displayed. you can Change the language if necessary

    To translate an entire page, click the right button of the mouse. In the menu that appears, click Translate with Bing.

    A new tab is opened. On the left, the original page is displayed and the right side, the translated page is displayed

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