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Thread: Internet Explorer keeps popping up

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    Internet Explorer keeps popping up

    In my Windows when I boot up after when the desktop loads up Internet Explorer pop ups automatically. My system is connected to a broadband internet via lan. It redirect to a web page and certain popups comes up. This has happened each time when I start my computer. What are the ways to stop Internet Explore from being auto launch at the boot time. Thanks.

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    Re: Internet Explorer keeps popping up

    It looks like that your system is affected with a spyware or a trojan virus. These virus has created registry entries for the auto launch of your web browser. Click on Start > Programs > Start up. In the folder if you see any application or your browser then just delete them. Restart your system in safe mode and run a full system antivirus scan. Also check out the scheduled task option and delete all the entries from it.

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    Re: Internet Explorer keeps popping up

    Click on Start > Run. In the box type msconfig and press enter. A windows configuration service will load up. In the window go to service menu and see for iexplorer.exe. Stop or disable that service. Restart your windows back again. I will recommend you to scan your computer for virus. Second thing clean all the temp files and your browsing history.

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    Re: Internet Explorer keeps popping up

    Here are simple solutions to disable the auto launch of the browser. This is mainly due to a spyware or any third party software which you have recently installed. Right click on the Desktop area and select Properties. Then go to Customize tab and look for Web. In that uncheck all the options. Second thing go to start up in the start menu and delete any shortcut you find.

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