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Thread: Windows 7 hangs after clicking on Switch Users

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    Windows 7 hangs after clicking on Switch Users

    I am using Windows 7 Beta version from last month. Things work fine here. Recently on my tour when I clicked on Switch user the entire system freezes. Nothing happens here and then there is only solution is to forcibly shut down the computer and restart it back again. The system only get affected when I click the particular option. I had created some extra accounts in order to allow my colleague to surf net but blocking the personal files. Here no account is working under fast switching mode. Is my Windows corrupted. Help needed. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows 7 hangs after clicking on Switch Users

    The problem lies with any third party security software. Due to which you fast user switching service is affected. Try to un-install any if you have put that recently. Then check out that you does not have access files on the desktop. You can also see what files your other accounts have by going in Document & Settings folder > Users. But this is allowed only if you are logged in as administrator.

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    Re: Windows 7 hangs after clicking on Switch Users

    I will recommend you to run a repair option. Do this insert Windows 7 disc. The disc will autoplay and you can see a Windows 7 installation menu. Choose Repair function. But before that take backup of your system. The repair option will fix up those files which are missing or corrupted. It is recommended that if your operating system is facing problem due to user account switching then you must disable it.

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    Re: Windows 7 hangs after clicking on Switch Users

    Run Disk Defragmentation and Disk Clean up service. This will clean up unnecessary files from your computer. This is a Windows interface problem. But this option when enabled and if you have multiple accounts then it eats up system memory which causes instability in the operating system. It is better to run off. Delete the old user accounts and create back new one. Again if the problem lies then you have to re-install your operating system back again.

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