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Thread: Dual monitors shortcut keys

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    Dual monitors shortcut keys

    I'm using a laptop that i frequently hook up to 2nd monitor. I use window's display properties, "settings" tab and check the "extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" box. I would like to know that what is the shortcut key to transfer the active window to attached another monitor? Does any body knows about it? Please provide me the correct solution for the above issue. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Dual monitors shortcut keys

    You need to enable the capability in their control panel. I have an ATI card on this dual monitor system now, so I don't remember the exact details. It probably depends on your video card, but my Dell uses an ATI Mobility, and the driver settings allow you to save "profiles" that reflect different monitor settings. Each profile can be assigned a hot key, like alt-control-1 or something.

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    Re: Dual monitors shortcut keys

    Just Create Dual Monitor Shortcut for the purpose and launch it to enable or disable secondary Monitor. You need to use Ultramon software utility. It will do what you need to do it. Once the software is installed, you’ll notice a new tray icon. Change Display Properties easily and quickly.

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    Re: Dual monitors shortcut keys

    Now you can change Primary Monitor using a Shortcut or by pressing Shortcut Key on Keyboard using a Dual Monitor Shortcut. With my pc, it is simple. Press and hold the "fn" key, then press "f4" This may cause your computer screen to blackout. Primary Monitor is a Monitor on which Start Menu is displayed and Desktop Shortcuts are displayed by Windows.

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