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Thread: VLC Player issue on Windows 7

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    VLC Player issue on Windows 7

    Recently i had installed Windows 7 on my pc. Now the problem is that after installing Windows 7 on my pc, VLC player doesn't seems to be working fine on my pc. VLC player can play movies properly, but it seems to be very pixelated as compared to WMP. Previously it used to work fine on my Windows Xp. Can any one tell me that why does i'm having Vlc player issue on my Windows 7? Does any body knows about it? Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue.

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    Re: VLC Player issue on Windows 7

    In order to get rid of the of the above issue, you need to use Windows Vista ATI drivers and not Windows Seven ATI drivers. You also need to change the video output from "default" to "directx video output" to get the video quality same as wmp but aero will be deactivated while you are playing a video with vlc.

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    Re: VLC Player issue on Windows 7

    Windows 7 and Windows Vista use the same installer from ATI. Turn on Aero Theme. Seems VLC does not enable 3D mode properly or something, with Aero turned off it was not using 3D mode for me. Or you can try out some different good players such as KMplayer, Quicktime etc. Check out whether you still face the same issue while using the above player on your Windows 7.

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    Re: VLC Player issue on Windows 7

    VLC doesn't use any special code in video outputs. Don't use VLC. Use Divx Player or something. I had this same problem previously too. I'm using Windows7 and VLC started pixilating on me. All other media players worked fine. I downloaded the new VLC 1.0.0 Goldeneye then went Tools> Video > change output to 'OpenGL video output' Restart VLC and it started working fine when I adjust the screen size.

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