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Thread: Mac update problems

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    Mac update problems

    I just loaded the latest 10.4.7 combo update on my Mac System. When I do, and allow for auto restart, I get the update status bar on the screen and the computers says it's configuring install. This was never a problem before the update. Can any body tell me that why does i'm having mac update problems on my machine? Does any body knows about it? Can you help? Would be grateful if any body helps me out to get rid of the above issue.

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    Re: Mac update problems

    Upgrades can break drivers. I don't know OSX very well but iN Windows XP and Vista there is a way to see the updates that were installed. In XP its under the add/remove programs and in Vista its under the Windows Update system itself.

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    Re: Mac update problems

    Try going into DFU mode and then try to restore it. They most definitely were not the most expensive, nor were they less expensive than comparable systems. VMware Fusion is the easiest way to switch to Mac, letting you bring all of your Windows applications with you, making the most of your Windows software investment, while providing the perfect safety blanket for the switch.

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    Re: Mac update problems

    Same problem here. Don't upgrade your OSX, unless there is a compelling reason. I had to initially do the complete reinstall and restore after the upgrade failed and was lucky to get back ALL my data and settings. VMware Fusion is used to run virtual Windows operating systems. When it is used on a Mac Pro or iMac that has an ATI video card with 3D graphics enabled, the OS X 10.5.7 update is causing system crashes, slow performance and incorrect rendering.

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