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Thread: How to create Animated Avatars

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    How to create Animated Avatars

    I am searching for a tool by which I can create my own customized animated avatars. Does anyone knows some tips and trick to do this. If there is any tool then please provide the download location. And also the way to use them. The files are normally in Gif format. I had seen some online sites which help out to create free gif logos. But they only allow limited access. Are there more this type of sites which offers a free service to create small gif animation files. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to create Animated Avatars

    You can use Alpoy for this purpose. It is a simple animated avatar making tool. The tool also helps you to to generate and manger many avatars online. You can also simply create a animated avatar from a youtube video. Just download the tool for any site upload a image or a web location or a video from youtube. Then choose the size of the avatar add up some effects by giving rotate or crop tool. After that just click on download and the avatar will be saved on your computer.

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    Re: How to create Animated Avatars

    I will advice to use Video Avatar. It is a fully functional tool for making Gif avatars. You can simply choose any part of a video movie and then use it as a user pic. So you can say that this tool is a type of video cropper. You can also simply copy any avatar or image form any source and used it for your own self by this tool. It is a good tool for Gif avatar files and you can also work with videos. The tool supports a wide range of file formats like avi, asf, mp4, mpeg, etc.

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    Re: How to create Animated Avatars

    It is simple to create you own avatar. All you need is a image tool which can allow you to save any part of the image by cropping. First choose the avatar size and dimension. Then if needed get frames on the image. Photoshop is a good tool for this. Download and install any Gif generator tool and mix up the images. If you are looking for a free avatar tool online then Picasion is a site which offer this. It allows you to create free avatars online.

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    Re: How to create Animated Avatars

    But why don't u use Video Avatar?You can create animated avatar.Also convert video to gif. It's really cool prog.

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