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Thread: Best software for tablet pc

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    Best software for tablet pc

    i am looking for Best software for tablet pc . i just recently got new tablet pc as i join for my degree so now i am looking for application that can help me to use tablet pc better .
    thank you

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    Re: Best software for tablet pc

    Take control with Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, the easy-to-use note-taking and information-management program where you can capture ideas and information in electronic form. Insert files or Web content in full-color, searchable format or as icons that you can click to access.check here for more What is one note in Ms Office?

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    Re: Best software for tablet pc

    try PDF Revu. BLUEBEAM PDF Revu is an application that allows you to convert printable files on Windows file in Adobe PDF.
    • You have total control over the files generated that provides security like encryption, restricting the rights of the reader (no printing, copying ...)
    • The application installs a button in the toolbar of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), which gives access directly to the creation of PDF files in few clicks
    • A virtual printer is also installed on your system
    • You do not have to worry about editing your PDF files, BLUEBEAM PDF Revu allows you to edit files, rotate, resize, focus, image quality ...

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    Re: Best software for tablet pc

    InkSeine is a prototype ink application from Microsoft Research. It is designed from the ground up to have a user interface uniquely tailored to pen input. so improve experience for the digital pen and ink. You can easily find emails, documents, ink notes, web pages without any problem .

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    Re: Best software for tablet pc

    Diskeeper 2008 Professional represents a quantum leap in system performance, enabling you to run your computer at the height of its potential, 100% of the time, and for the life of your systems..........

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