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Thread: Best Handwriting recognition software

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    Best Handwriting recognition software

    i am looking for Best Handwriting recognition software on windows platform i want to use that application with lots of Windows application, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer & more. also i am considering continuous writing available with that .
    thank you very much

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    Re: Best Handwriting recognition software

    Most popular and professional tool for Handwriting recognition software is ritePen. It is an advanced handwriting recognition software for Microsoft Windows-based pen-enabled computers. Users of ritePen can write anywhere on their screen or other input surface and have their handwriting instantly converted to text for use in any Windows application, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and numerous others. ritePen is a seamless extension of normal writing because it accurately recognizes virtually any handwriting style, does not require learning or training, and allows you to write in whole sentences, while automatically segmenting your handwriting into words and lines.

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    Re: Best Handwriting recognition software

    I think there is no extra application is required as even Microsoft product can recognize Handwriting like office 2007 is able to recognize Handwriting also upcoming one note is also can be option check here What is one note in Ms Office?

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    Re: Best Handwriting recognition software

    Handwriting recognition is done by the Operating system so no such application required whereTIP (Tablet Input Panel) is part of XP Tablet Edition OS which i think you will not get in separate package same thing with Journal which is an INK app that is included in XP Tablet Edition OS so that means os can help you. Also you will notice difference between XP and Vista control.

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