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Thread: Where to download codec for RMVB

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    Where to download codec for RMVB

    I have some files in my computer which does not play in any of my music software. First I tried to open it by using Windows Media player but a error pop up for codec something. In the same way Winamp is also not working here. I searched on the net and found that it needs some RMVB Codec to play the files. What is it. What is a RMVB file. Where can I download this codec file and from where can I get a appropriate solution to play this file. Does this need any additional software also. Thanks.

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    Re: Where to download codec for RMVB

    RMVB Converter is a free tool which can help you to convert RealMedia file to many common formats. The out put quality is great here. The tool supports almost all types of RM/RMVB formats. So download the tool from the below link and convert your all files to mp3. The tool is equipped with a high speed decoders and the essentials encoders. This convert you file at a greater rate and that too is a easy way. I am providing the download link for the new version which is equipped with much more new features. Try it out.
    Download RMVB Converter

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    Re: Where to download codec for RMVB

    RMVB is actually a type of RM file format. RM stands for Real Media. This is usually a real player type file. So to play this you can either use real player or just install the free codec and play it in any music application. The codec for the tool is freely available on many sites. You can simply download it. Other than this try VLC player. VLC player plays all type of music files without any support of additional codec. You can also convert files to your favorite songs to common formats by using it.

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    Re: Where to download codec for RMVB

    I am providing the link of the codec which is essentially needed to play the Real Media files. You can install the codec and use Media Player Classic for a non interrupt able performance. The codec supports RealAudio, RealMedia, RealText, ReadPix and RealMedia embedded in webpages. It supports more files. The codec is is easy to use and install. You can simply uninstall it if does not required. Run your own player to play the files after the codec is in your pc. It is a essential tool if you have the music files of RM.
    Download Codec for RMVB

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