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Thread: Change language edition by default in Word 2007

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    Change language edition by default in Word 2007


    I am facing a weird issue with word 2007, My Word 2007 is using language that changes every single english to Arabic, so whenever I have to change and everything works from right to left and it makes my work on very difficult word. how to put the english on word default. thank you

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    Re: Change language edition by default in Word 2007

    go to the menu Tools / Language / Language then choose English and click on the button "default".You can also uncheck the "detect language automatically" if AC continues to bother you. I too have the same problem, the language began in Arabic, and impossible to put into english by default.
    For information, it will not gonna work if you I click on the language bar to change the language, do as i stated above.

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    Re: Change language edition by default in Word 2007

    In Word 2007, it may happen that you are using many languages. This tip will help you define the language editing by default.
    • Start Word 2007
    • Go to the Office menu in the upper right
    • Click Word Options
    • Click Language Settings
    • Choose the language editing by default that you want to use below:
    • Accept the confirmation message.

    The changes will be considered at the next startup of Word.

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