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Thread: Disable skype auto startup

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    Disable skype auto startup

    skype bothering me on every start up since i installed it. Each time when i start pc skype automatically try to start due to that computer get slow down. so please tell me the way to disable auto start ..
    thank you

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    Re: Disable skype auto startup

    i think you can fix by reinstalling skype i have not tried that but every application provides menu selection option while installing so uncheck toolbar or quick launch option from advance installation setting. so you can able to start manually from startup.

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    Re: Disable skype auto startup

    SkypeKiller enables administrators to protect their network risks that could run the communication software Skype. The application allows you to remove Skype on all positions of a local network.With SkypeKiller Several methods of cleaning are available. From simple monitoring stations with the software installed in the complete eradication through screening machines allowed to install.

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    Re: Disable skype auto startup

    You can disable skype auto startup by using windows utility .go to start > run > type msconfig > go to start up > now search for skype process and uncheck it > restart.That will stop skype from auto startup.

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