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Thread: Tick symbol

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    Tick symbol

    have small question regarding MS Word. I want to insert a tick symbol in word but i am not able to find tick symbol. Does anyone using here such symbols ? please tell me how i can get that ?
    thank you

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    Re: Tick symbol

    I am not sure but you can create Tick symbol with some image editor application like photoshop you can do that create image file with photoshop there you can add tick image. try that

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    Re: Tick symbol

    Select Arial Unicode MS as the font and Miscellaneous Dingbats as the subset. Select insert > symbol > select the font wingdings and character code has 252 there you will get the tick mark symbol in word

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    Re: Tick symbol

    You can add a Tick symbol in Excel, Word or PowerPoint , just go to insert then symbol select the Wingdings Font , in the character code box Enter number 252. Now you will get both the simple Tick and Ticked box symbol. Cross Symbol and Crossed box symbol are also choose if desired

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