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Thread: Visio Viewer for Mac

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    Visio Viewer for Mac

    Recently i had switch from PC to Mac and got myself an iMac G5. I would like to know that is there a Visio viewer application for OS X? Where can i get Mac Visio viewer? Kindly provide me the correct information on the above topic. Any way thanks in advance.

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    Re: Visio Viewer for Mac

    MS Visio VSD is closed-format, so If you need to work with existing Visio documents on Mac OS X you have to convert them to other format. This software is a viewer for MS Visio documents in XML format, in which all the functions are coded in Java language so that it is platform-independent, and are encapsulated into a component so that the software can easily be integrated with any other Java-based application.

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    Re: Visio Viewer for Mac

    3D Visioner is an add-on for Microsoft Visio and provides features that let you work with your Visio projects. If you want, you can also try out You can try out OmniGraffle for free first, in order to see if it fits your needs.

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    Re: Visio Viewer for Mac

    Or if you want you can use ConceptDraw Office program. It covers all aspects of managing business processes including creative work, team management, project planning, information management, tracking and reporting. The Visio Viewer 2003 allows anyone to view Visio drawings and diagrams inside their Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you want you can check out the following link.

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    idea Re: Visio Viewer for Mac

    Hello! No need to buy a complex and expensive tools. There is a Visio Viewer for Mac by Nektony for such purposes. It is also available in trial.

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