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Thread: Footer in Word 2007

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    Footer in Word 2007

    Received a large Word 2007 document. My job is to edit the footer, which includes a thick, red line. When the footer is removed, the red line remains. I have been unable to delete it. If I add a new footer, it is placed above the red line.

    The line seems to have originated from the "blank document" option in the Footer Gallery.

    Any ideas on how I can remove the line?


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    Re: Footer in Word 2007

    To remove the header and footer from a section of the document, do the following:

    1. On the View menu, click Header and Footer.
    2. If necessary, click Show Previous Button image or Show Next Button image on the Header and Footer toolbar (toolbar: A bar with buttons and options that you use to carry out commands. To display a toolbar, press ALT and then SHIFT+F10.) to move to the header or footer that you want to delete.

    Note Make sure that the Link to Previous button is not activated in the section or in the following section, or all of your headers and footers will be removed even if you separated the document into sections.
    3. In the header or footer area, select the text and graphics, and then press DELETE.

    To remove the header or footer from the first page only, or for odd or even pages, do the following:

    1. On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Layout tab.
    2. Under Headers and Footers, select Different odd and even or Different first page.

    Note To make more space available on the page, you may need to change the margins that include space for a header or footer. On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Margins tab. If the content of a header or footer is deleted, but there is still space available for the header or footer, click the Layout tab, and then adjust the From edge settings.

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    Re: Footer in Word 2007

    Removing a header or footer from Microsoft Word 2007 can sometimes be confusing to users. Follow the below steps mention.

    1. First of all open your Microsoft Word 2007.

    2. Then you need to select the Insert tab at the top of the toolbar.

    3. Then you need to locate the Header & Footer section. After that you need to select the either the Header or Footer option.

    4. After that click on either the Remove Header or the Footer option.

    5. Now, you need to select the Design tab.

    6. After that click on Next, and then click on Close Header and Footer.

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