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Thread: AutoMKV all-in-one digital video processing suite

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    AutoMKV all-in-one digital video processing suite

    AutoMKV is all-in-one digital video processing suite, which is a light version of MKVmagic that supports various input and output formats such as DVD, TS, AVI, AVS to X264, XviD ,WVC1 into MKV, MP4 and WMV. It has number of command line tools for analyzing, editing, and encoding video and audio. This powerful tool, however, requires Nero for Nero AVC, .NET framework, Avisynth and WME and WMP11 for VC1 Encoding. It will ask you to install a few software packages to gain full access to all AutoMKV's features. Though these packages are not all necessarily required, but they are recommended. AutoMKV is a very easy to use digital video tool that offers fairly high system requirements for optimal performance. It is created so that even lower-end systems can use it, as it includes almost all the components you would need within its own package.

    Main features:
    • User-friendly GUI
    • Batch processing
    • Define settings for each batch item separately
    • Support for multiple media file formats
    • Support for anamorphic encoding
    • Intelligent algorithm for selecting optimal combination of quality/resolution to hit target media size
    • Support for special media types such as Zune, PSP and PlayStation 3 or XboX360

    Supported video input:
    • DVD
    • MPEG-2
    • MPEG-4
    • WMV
    • Any other Windows Media Player playable file format

    Supported Video codecs for output:
    • XviD
    • H.264
    • WMV

    Supported Audio codecs for output:
    • MP3
    • AAC
    • OGG Vorbis
    • Aften LibA52/AC3 Audio Encoder
    • WMA

    Supported Media Containers:
    • Matroska
    • MP4
    • WMV
    • AVI / DIVX
    • M2TS

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    AutoMKV System Requirements

    AutoMKV, being a digital video processing suite, has fairly high system requirements for optimal performance.

    Recommended System Requirements:
    • 2.0Ghz or faster processor.
    • 1GB of RAM.
    • 18GB of free hard disk space.
    • A DVD drive with a read speed of 12x or more.


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