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Thread: How to crack Office 2007

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    How to crack Office 2007

    I recently got the new version of Microsoft Office 2007 from my friends. I was previously using Office 2003 but thought of upgrading to newer version and try out. I installed it on separate drive because I am unsure about its functionality. But the problem is that it is asking me for activation. I don't have the serial key. Is there any way to hack Office 2007?

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    Re: How to crack Office 2007

    But why are you searching for new serial key. Since you were already using Office 2003 previously, you should be having the serial key with you which you can definitely use for your Office 2007 package. I think you should try out the same serial or product key and check if that really works or not. You can also contact Microsoft support team for any assistance.

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    Re: How to crack Office 2007

    You can also visit over here to get the cracks for Office 2007. This site includes a lot of list of cracks which you need to download on your computer. However keep this in mind that cracking and hacking is a part of crime and is illegal. You may even lead your computer to security risk by cracking any of your software.
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