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Thread: How to use vobsub

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    How to use vobsub


    I have downloaded VobSub, i know that its a best is simply a DirectShow filter which can be used to display subtitle files created by VobSub during playback in Windows Media Player, and many other players as well. but i dont know how to use it, please explain me how to rip Permanent Subtitle in AVi or any other files.

    Thanks in advance for any information on this.

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    Re: How to use vobsub

    To use this software make sure that have download and install both VobSub and VSFilter/DirectVobSub. on your pc, Because VobSub is needed for subtitle extraction, where DirectVobSub is must for playback. To rip the subtitle in subtitle files in text formats you must select "TextSub" option While installing VobSub.

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    Re: How to use vobsub

    To turn subtitle files into burnt-in (hard-coded) subtitles. Follow the instruction given below.

    • Start VirtualDub and load in your AVI file.
    • Select "Video" > "Filters". In the window that opens
    • Press the "Add" button and select the "TextSub 2.x" filter,
    • press "OK" to load the filter.

    This will open a new window, now you can easily configure the word-wrapping style, but the default selection (\q0) should be fine. Now "Open" button and add subtitle file, and click "Styles" button to open a new window where you can configure the style of the subtitle display.

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    Re: How to use vobsub

    Here is vobsub guide, Open Vobsub and Click on load IFO ( select the IFO file from the DVD). Select where to save the subtitle files and click next. Here select EH PGC and choose language click on next. It will take ten to fifteen minutes for the subs to be ripped.

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