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Thread: Help with Audacity for removing drums from a mp3

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    Help with Audacity for removing drums from a mp3


    I have downloaded Audacity recently. My plan was to mute or remove the drums from a particular mp3 which will allow me to add my own version in with the guitar and everything. I cant find anything in the articles so i need help. and i'm not even confident you can do that with the Audacity. Is there another sound editor software that i could do this with?

    thank you

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    Re: Help with Audacity for removing drums from a mp3

    Removing vocals from a audio only happens in a very tight series of conditions. It has to be in stereo, the vocal must be in mono and exactly in the middle of the stereo field, and the resulting vocal-less performance is now in mono.The drums were obviously recorded stereo so their sound is splashed all over both sides of the recording, so that tool is waste.

    The graphic equalizer tool also a crass thing for various reasons.I did not even know about the B-Flat below middle C drum. It's just drums sound lower or higher than all other things. You can remove pure tone instruments with the help of equalizer.You will be lucky if the performance of the drums occur to be the same as the vocal that is, the drums were in the middle of a stereo performance....etc. Then you could use the vocal removal tool to get rid of them.

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    Re: Help with Audacity for removing drums from a mp3

    You can have someone that does this for a living do it.There is no such proper method to really remove vocals from a stereo track the vocal waveforms are all mashed in with the remaining of the sound. May be think about the centre-canceling (joining the left and right channels together, but out of phase with each other, causing any common elements to cancel out vocals are normally panned to the center. Unfortunately, this also loses any other instrument that is panned to the center.) Or you can equalize out the frequencies that the vocals predominate in or you can combine the both of this. Your results will depends with the sophistication of your sw or hw, and with the way the track was combined in the first place.

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    Re: Help with Audacity for removing drums from a mp3

    Audacity can do this. But as you'll find with all automated vocal removing thingummies, it might also kick out anything else in the center of the track (stereo phonically - drums, guitar solos, etc).it's plenty useful for karaoke/singing aid. It's just if you were expecting a complete instrumental for a mash-up or something,

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