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Thread: Remote Monitoring application

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    Remote Monitoring application

    Hello everyone,

    I looking for a such an application which promise me to provide active system monitoring of our clients and runs key diagnostic tests remotely.Alerts clients of any critical events,giving us with ability to troubleshoot any problems remotely, automatically distributes maintenance and security patches and anti virus updates and provides cyclic reporting of performance and trends to evaluate errors prior of occur and to give input for capacity planning.Any suggestion for off-the-shelf Microsoft or any other products?.If possible please recommend a solution to the following question.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Remote Monitoring application

    Hi friend, For the concern we are with the OSSPI for HPUX Coda file system Measurement Threshold policy. This is the file system file that will rule out which file systems to monitor and the thresholds.the config file settings are applicable only in case of the OSSPI-NP, OSPSI-MWA, OSSPI-GP policies for file system monitoring.In case of OSSPI-CD_Filesystem policy, you would have to set thresholds within the policy rules.

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    Re: Remote Monitoring application

    You can look out Bytware, Help/Systems or PowerTech. They all delivers some nice tools and are now all owned by the unique company strangely enough. You have to pay for those.Check out the monitors inside of i Series Navigator. We use that along with Director free of cost. You can watch out jobs, messages, disk space, CPU, etc. and also send notifications.

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    Re: Remote Monitoring application

    Why can't you think about one of the multiple user remote access programs. I have used "ThinPoint" previously. It has some cool features.You can use the functionality of the Performance Logs and Alerts to create counter logs, trace logs, and system alerts automatically from the local computer or a remote computer. You can access clients site, without destructing their work. And you can deliver them remote office access too

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