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Thread: Intel 915 Chipset Windows 7 drivers

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    Intel 915 Chipset Windows 7 drivers


    I am New to windows 7 and I've a dell gx260. Previously i was using windows xp , but now i am unable to install Intel 915 Chipset drivers for my windows 7. Because of this i get dull graphics and and Video playback is also bad. Any one knows where i can find Intel 915 Chipset drivers for Windows 7.

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    Re: Intel 915 Chipset Windows 7 drivers

    Intel will provide support for WDDM drivers beginning with the Intel 945 Express chipset family and beyond. See question 5 below for a detailed explanation of WDDM support on Intel 915 Express chipset-based platforms. However, Windows Vista is supported on the Intel 865G, 915G Express desktop chipsets and 852/855GM mobile chipsets running XPDM (XP Display Driver Model) driver included on the Windows Vista install media. Windows Vista will install on these platforms, but advanced features such as Windows Aero will not be enabled as XPDM drivers do not support Windows AERO.

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    Re: Intel 915 Chipset Windows 7 drivers

    You can use Windows vista drivers, it will also work for windows 7, But you will have to follow proper instruction or Windows 7 will not install the drivers as the generic drivers it uses by default has a newer date.
    • Go to device manager
    • Right click on your display adapter
    • Select "update driver software"
    • Select "browse my computer for driver software
    • Select "let me pick from a list
    • Select "have disk"
    • Select "browse"
    • Browse to the folder where your device drivers are located and select the inf file and install the driver.

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    Happy Re: Intel 915 Chipset Windows 7 drivers

    Official windows 7 driver for 915 chipset is at Windows Update Catalog.
    Use this one, forget tricks and unofficial things.

    Navigate with IE8 to here

    and install plugin. Then type Intel Intel 915GM

    Then go to device manager, update driver, Select the option to "Search for Drivers on my Computer" and point it to where you downloaded the file. Then "Manually Select a Driver" Finally Select Display Adapters and the 915 Driver is there


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    Re: Intel 915 Chipset Windows 7 drivers

    hey invilink,

    I have already gone into that that site "microsoft update catalog" last time, around a year ago, when i have downloaded that driver. And yeah that intel driver 915gm chipset is there. I already got one but I forgot to backup that driver when I reformatted my laptop. I went again on that site and search for that driver but it seems that driver is gone now. I would just like to ask if you have any backup of that driver? I know that it is inside a folder when it is downloaded. If you have any, could I request if you could post a link where I could download that driver. I would really appreciate it much..

    Thanks.. hope you would reply with a link.

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    Re: Intel 915 Chipset Windows 7 drivers

    Hi nexus001,

    You can now directly download the Intel 915 chipset drivers from the intel site, go here and choose the Windows 7 version that you have installed in your pc and then download the appropriate drivers. Additionally, if you are having a Intel 915 Chipset based laptop, then download the laptop drivers from here.

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