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Thread: Adding more than one msn email account

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    Adding more than one msn email account

    Hello everybody,

    I got a question here.I don't know whether am the only victim facing this situation.The thing is that am not able to add more then one msn email account.Is there a particular reason Microsoft didn't fix this issue?

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    Re: Adding more than one msn email account

    Yes it could be. As long as any other emails that you use are from hotmail then you can use other email address to sign in if you really need that.You can opt which email address you want to log in with when you log in to MSN Messenger. You can either log in with an address you used early, else you can choose 'Log-in with a different email address' from the drop down box in the log-in window.

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    Re: Adding more than one msn email account

    Yes i know it is their unresolved issue but i tell they're working on it to fix this. Personally, I guess that they launched the beta to the public too soon as they creates, we've seen released have a few problems unresolved. Things are gonna be fine, though

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    Re: Adding more than one msn email account

    Instead of that why can't you try a method that am using. You need a yahoo account.I have instead of I am not sure how or if you can select, but I don't notice how it matters a email address is an email address. It effects on what website you get the email address from.I have a log in and I just use my local Internet providers e-mail address and it works fine.

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