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Thread: Msn chat logs missing

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    Msn chat logs missing

    Hello Good morning everyone,

    I have configured my windows messenger to save my chat history.Unfortunately it is not able to do so properly.I noticed there are some conversations which is not saving,means it is absent in the chat log.I would like to know what must be the issue causing this.Please help me in this regard

    thank you ..!!

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    Re: Msn chat logs missing

    Friend,the only thing I can figure out of doing off the top of my head would be to have some kind of Windows Service working on all accounts the manages the history folder for alternations then saves a backup of the files elsewhere.Between which is your version I guess it's still in beta so obviously lots of issues would be associated.

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    Re: Msn chat logs missing

    Can you make it this way,something like that is make a portable MSN messenger and make it run that where you need to sign in to MSN and upload the log file(s) to your mail by your own.i was under the impression it only saved your chat if you did it???Some times your IE's security settings may be the trouble maker. If you probeInternet options> Security, you can find an option "access data sources across domains". Its normally disabled,now lets enable it, and see if it works.

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    Re: Msn chat logs missing

    Hey i need to ask you one thing,do you use multiple pc's? MSN Live history is stored on the system that is in use. So obviously if you change the computer to log in you can't find any chat history.Alternatively you can copy the history files from one pc to the other to have a complete history on both.Normally Chat logs are saved in My Documents\My Chat Logs and Message histories are saved as XML files in My Documents\My Received Files\{user name+long number}

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