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Thread: I need a search function for my access database.

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    I need a search function for my access database.


    I need a search function for my access database.
    Please help me with some article or some suggestions.

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    Re: I need a search function for my access database.

    You just need to use odbc functions to search access database. For th9is you need to connect inquiry html form to ms access data base. Simple.
    Since your question is not clear Please have a look at this too if you mean the way to search like text search.
    Searching for Text Information in Databases
    Database search & text search

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    Re: I need a search function for my access database.

    Hey Please you have a look at this webpage.
    I am quite sure that you will like to know & learn Ms Access & the search function tutorial provided here.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Re: I need a search function for my access database.

    You basically have one question for each type of investigation you want. For example, if you want to be able to search for names, then drafting a demand that the user / client / customer list also examine what the data means. The criteria of this question is the Name Criteria, and is based on the field on the form where the user types in their research. (The same thing is done for other types of investigations such as last name, that of birth, anything you like, only one question, and the criteria to decide the control of the create). NOTE. TO MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE NUMBER OF IDENTITY. Then a command or button for each field, or as in this example a drop down box with a list of values specify which area of research. (I'll explain the example used here) even in the OnClick command button, the code checks to see if a selection in the combo box or something or is addressed in the research criteria. If one of them is empty, it displays an error message that this list and does not go. If they both have a value, then checks the value in the combo box is. For example combo box's value is Name, then the IF statement (would COMPUTER-AIDED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING also may be) running. Now it can check, it must know what to do. As before, the drafting questions, you should also study a form for each establishment. In the form, take a list box on, and base it on the list box of your research question. Now in the main form, when the button click is if the combo box selection statement to check, and then simply open the appropriate form. The results form then opens, you or an OnClick, OnDoubleClick or even on the list box is set. This value would simply have to take in the list box is selected (the identity area as lack of demand as the first one is to make it so easy should) open the main form, and go to that the number of identity card report. All code for this is that sample, so this will hopefully easier to understand little lights. If you have anything still unsure then just let me know. Happy to try to clarify and explain a little

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