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Thread: M-audio Oxygen 8 keyboard driver

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    M-audio Oxygen 8 keyboard driver

    One of my friend recently bought a M-audio Oxygen 8 Keyboard only to find out that the driver is not supplied with it. So he was not able to use the keyboard on his pc. He tried to download many drivers from the website, he even tried the M-Audio Website but after downloading the driver and trying the installation he received some error message "'Not digitally signed". So, if anyone can give a working download link of the driver for M-audio Oxygen 8 keyboard, all help will be appreciated. Thank you
    wus up everybody?

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    Re: M-audio Oxygen 8 keyboard driver

    You need to have atleast Service Pack 2 installed with Windows XP if you are using. Then download the driver by goin here. Then try to follow this method, firstly dont hookup the keyboard then install the driver and software that is required then turn off the pc after installation completes and do not reboot pc and afterwards hook up the keyboard, turn on pc and you are done. Hope that helps.

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    Re: M-audio Oxygen 8 keyboard driver

    We need more information about what is the exact problem you are facing? Did you get any error message? What driver version are you trying to install? Did you check by installing the latest version of the M-audio Oxygen 8 keyboard driver, you are still getting the problem?

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    Re: M-audio Oxygen 8 keyboard driver

    You can get the controller CD by asking from where you bought it cause it is to be included in the package? Because I bought the MIDI board as well yesterday and found out that w/o that CD installed it won't work. But my problem is the CD won't install on my vista because its not "compatible" any ideas?

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