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Thread: Which is the best Video format

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    Which is the best Video format

    Today there are thousands for audio and video format. I want to know among them which is the best video and audio format. That means which video format is lighter and gives a good picture quality. I thing DVD are the best today. Because they gives out awesome picture quality and sound effects. Now the Blu rays are gaining importance in the market. But the use is limited to the player. Once Blu ray players are common then DVD's will be rarely used. If I want to upload a video on a website then which format will be most suitable that can open fast and work smoother in slow connection also. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Which is the best Video format

    According to me AVI is the best video format right now. It is designed to store both video and audio that can be played simultaneously. It is created my Microsoft and it is a widely used format. Several DVD movies comes in this format only. The same format has a newer version called DV AVI. This is used to generate a Digital Video format. This can be use to share and transfer video files between computer without losing the quality. This type of format is quiet common in camcorders.

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    Re: Which is the best Video format

    Today DVD is still better solution because of it quality. Today there is lot of ways by which you can download free videos from internet. You will mostly see those files in a DVD format. Because it is widely used. I will recommend you to go with avi or mpeg format. DVD is commonly used with large data capacity. It is portable and easily identified by all software's. I thing mpeg is the most common audio and video files.

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    Re: Which is the best Video format

    For a website if you want to upload any movie then flash is the best format. Because flash is relatively light but suitable for less time video. Second comes a wmv or quick time file. They also the most common and widely found video format on internet. You will need to upload a relatively low size video to enable a user view quickly. Otherwise it will take a long time to download.

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