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Thread: Convert MP3 to DVD

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    Convert MP3 to DVD


    I want to convert my mp3's in to DVD, If there is a way to record MP3ís to DVD through Windows then please share with me. Do you know how to burn mp3s to DVD using Nero. If i crate it with nero, will it be played on my dvd palyer.

    Thank you

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    Re: Convert MP3 to DVD

    You can use Record Now! It favors a more minimalist design. The software is limited to burning main tasks: creating audio CDs from audio files (WMA, MP3, M4A or WAV), CD / DVD or even burn an ISO image. Its interface does not clutter the screen (although it is possible to maximize it) and it is very easy to drag and drop files from the desktop or another window to the project.

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    Re: Convert MP3 to DVD

    you can burn mp3ís to dvd using any dvd writing software such as nero or roxio or whatever. burn it as a data disc. use roxio its much better, New roxio does Encoding video 5 times faster than 2 with the support of ATI Technologies Stream and NVIDIA CUDA, It Burn and copy discs directly from the desktop with the gadget Roxio Burn , Register of web video for offline reading on DVD, mobile phone or iPod.

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    Re: Convert MP3 to DVD

    You can burn the dvd using nero, Convert MP3 to DVD with nero, To play an mp3 dvd you need a player that can play mp3ís and read dvdís. all New and some old DVD players are capable to play Mp3 DVD's. But idf its a cd player then you canít play any type of dvd in a cd player.

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