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Thread: high cpu usage by Dkservice.exe

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    high cpu usage by Dkservice.exe

    I have Windows XP and recently downloaded a program called Diskeeper 2007 which I found to be an interesting one. After installation, I am seeing that the Dkservice.exe is using very high cpu usage, sometimes to 100% cpu usage. What can be the alternative for this similar type of software, or is there any fix for it? Thanks

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    Re: high cpu usage by Dkservice.exe

    Did you try going into services by start>run>services.msc>enter, find Diskkeeper Lite in there (right-click>properties) and stop it. Also you can try to put it to manual for starting so that this will make it not to defragment while you use your computer, real-time, which is what it does otherwise and thats why it hogs your CPU. So that everytime you reboot your system, it also starts in the background.

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    Re: high cpu usage by Dkservice.exe

    You can try to go to the official microsoft website and get Process Explorer. No need to install, just run the .exe. Each instance of scvhost will give you a small pop-up of the services it's running. This way you can go to "Services" and change what's needed. I suggest that you change the "Services" one at a time and note the effect. That way you can easily go back and reset it without confusion as to what went "wrong."

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    Re: high cpu usage by Dkservice.exe

    I have done some search for "dkservice.exe" on search engines which shows that this file is part of Executive Software's Diskeeper. So I think that you should start your troubleshooting, with their tech support or on their website if they have a knowledge base or the like. Maybe the version of Diskeeper you installed isn't compatible with Vista.

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