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Thread: How to make Autorun MP3 CD?

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    How to make Autorun MP3 CD?

    I have a large music collection and i have sorted the songs depending on the mood i would like to hear, I want to burn them to disc and the disc would be an MP3 disc. My question is : How to make Autorun MP3 CD considering no other software is required for its auto play... Is this possible? Please help...

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    Re: How to make Autorun MP3 CD?

    Its easy if its Windows. just follow the steps :
    • Insert any MP3 Cd in your drive, it will auto play and ask you what to do.
    • There select Your default media player player.
    • Also select to remember your choice everytime.
    • Now if you insert any MP3 CD it will autoplay in the media player you selected..!

    Hope this helps...

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    Re: How to make Autorun MP3 CD?

    Ok, this is easy, and this would be cool if i use a CD on my computer. But i want to make a MP3 autoplay CD, which should autoplay in any computer. Can i do that? Please help me with this... I want to make such CDs for my cousin, as she isn't too much into computer and hardly operates her computer. She has to take help of someone whenever she needs to hear the songs... I have a list of songs and have renamed them in order which they should play, all i need to do now is just to make them auto play...

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    Re: How to make Autorun MP3 CD?

    Well you can do that too. Read this :
    • Copy all the songs that need to be in the autorun list in the same folder
    • Create a playlist in the order of which the songs must be played
    • Save this playlist in the same song folder
    • Now open the playlist with notepad
    • Edit the path and remove the path so just the file name remains
    • Save the playlist file with the name : playlist
    • Now open notepad and type the following code in it :
      icon=%systemdrive%Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe
    • Save this file in the same folder and name it as autorun.ini and in file type select all files.
    • Now write all the files to CD and make sure you don't have any folder
    • Done

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