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Thread: My Music in Vista Media Center is working very slow

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    My Music in Vista Media Center is working very slow

    I am facing a severe issue in my Vista MCE. I have a huge collection of mp3 and dvd movies in my computer hard drive. When I play music using Windows Media Player the music plays very slow. It lags in middle many times. The video is facing the same problem. After playing for sometime the video hangs in the middle. Then it starts automatically. The performance is getting extremely slow. How can I increase the performance of my Windows Media Center PC. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: My Music in Vista Media Center is working very slow

    Hopefully you have a similar folder for putting all your music files. Like the shared folder is My Music. This folder is a by default folder for windows to put your music files. Now the problem can be cured in many ways. First get a latest codec update for the Media Player. If you have a extender on your Media Center the update the firmware. Because each extender uses a different account to access the MCE machine. So if you able to create a RAM disk then you can access the hard drive easily via media center. Delete unnecessary applications and plug ins. Try to disable your firewall and check. If the music works then your firewall creating a problem. You have to add up a port under the exception list.

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    Re: My Music in Vista Media Center is working very slow

    The best way is to add up all your songs and videos to the Media Player Library. Or if you already have then just rename it. Refresh you Media Center and let it rad the file again. If possible then rebuild the library back again. The location of the default library is C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player. Once it renamed then restart your media center and press F3 to select it. Browse it and select it, media center will reload it back again properly and it will work much faster.

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    Re: My Music in Vista Media Center is working very slow

    The best way to cure this problem is update your Vista MCE drivers and firmware for the related hardware. If you have a TV tuner card then download the latest drivers for the same. Check your cable settings. Try reduce your screen resolution from the Media center. This will reduce the video problem. Update your latest codecs and restart your media center. If possible then get a separatempeg2 decoder and install it. Try to get Media Center Classic.

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