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Thread: Windows Media Center 2005 Add on

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    Windows Media Center 2005 Add on

    Does anyone know some use full add ons for Media Center 2005. I had tried to search on the internet but could not found which one to use. What is best add on you people are using with the Media Center 2005 edition. It will be much better if it is a Microsoft Tool. I am using the Media Center for a long time. Now re-installed everything back again due system crash. I heard there are ample of plugins for Vista MCE. So there might be add ons available for Media Center 2005 also. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows Media Center 2005 Add on

    You are right. There are many add ons for the Media Center 2005 Edition. This will add up more features and benefits to your Media Center. I am now quickly listing some more simple and commonly found plugins. They are designed to enhanced and increase the functionality of MCE. There still growing number of plug-ins right now. I will list you those which I am using right now. The first one is CinemaNow and MovieLink. This plugins gives you access to more thatn 2,000 videos and movies provided by Disney, Fox, Lions Gate, MGG, etc. Some films are available for free download also. Then comes Napster Media Room. This plug in will give a access to million of songs with 50 interactive radio stations. Napster has thousands of songs in it. It is a very user friendly application.

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    Re: Windows Media Center 2005 Add on

    Download NewGator for news update. This gives you news from CNN and thousand of RSS and ATOM feeds. I have XM Radio online plugin which offres soe 130 news stations, 64 free music channel and 40 channels of talk shows and comedy. You can download many third party applications from the internet and access them easily. Some services are paid one like Playon or Netflix. This are the very popular service currently available online.

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    Exclamation Re: Windows Media Center 2005 Add on

    Some of the most famous plugins I know is MCE Auction. An online auction service to bid and buy products online. It is a free applications. Then the most common one Mynew, Netflix, My Weather, MCE Contacts, etc. The best one from them is Garfield comics plugins. A comics media center plugins. And then you can have My Trailers, Product, My UK, picture book etc. There are much more but the most basic on is a good TV guide.

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