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Thread: Microsoft Works Portfolio 2003

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    Microsoft Works Portfolio 2003

    I am very much got frustrated these days for getting the Microsoft Works Portfolio 2003 to stop starting on start up.... I saw it in the Start up button but its didn't there does anyone know how to stop it from start up...??

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    Re: Microsoft Works Portfolio 2003

    Microsoft Works gives you the basic home productivity tools you need to help make your everyday tasks easier from start to finish.

    Get things done at home.

    • Create letters, resumes and greeting cards using templates, clip art and a built-in dictionary.

      Simplify household tasks.

    • Track your budget, plan home improvements, and keep household records in one place.

      Get started quickly.

    • Find and launch programs and projects easily with the Works Task Launcher.

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    Re: Microsoft Works Portfolio 2003

    To prevent the Works Portfolio from starting each time you start Windows, follow these steps:

    1. If the Works Portfolio is in Docked or Gallery View, click Tasks, and then click Options.

      If the Works Portfolio is in Compact View, click the top of the Portfolio box to expand the list of commands on the menu.

    2. Click to remove the check mark next to Start the Works Portfolio every time I start Windows.

    3. Click OK.

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    Re: Microsoft Works Portfolio 2003

    Also there are many third party software made for showing the hidden startup files so you can remove the file from there or disable it from getting started automatically.... One of which is CCleaner which helps you to do that... Download it & have a wonderful experience....!

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