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Thread: Pressure Sensitive in Photoshop

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    Pressure Sensitive in Photoshop

    Are there any Photoshop expert here i need to know ? how to set pressure sensitive in photoshop on M400 .
    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Pressure Sensitive in Photoshop

    Photoshop Elements is compatible with most pressure-sensitive digitizing tablets, such as WacomŪ tablets. With the software control panel for your tablet installed, you can vary brush tool properties based on the chosen tablet options and the amount of pressure you apply with your stylus.

    To do that go to the Editor, select the Brush tool in the toolbox and then set the tablet options in the options bar that you want to control with pen pressure.

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    Re: Pressure Sensitive in Photoshop

    This is a really coll feature of Photoshop the pressure sensitivity, it includes all painting, erasing, cloning, sharpening, blurring, dodging, and burning tools. you can enable it by Double-click the tool in the toolbox to adjust its pressure options.

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    Re: Pressure Sensitive in Photoshop

    download the Wacom driver , i you have any problem on pressure-sensitive then you need Wacom driver it will solve your problem . i also had some problem with my Gateway C140X downloaded the Wacom driver and evry thing was working fine now .
    Hope this help .

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