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Thread: Mpeg streamclip 1.2 codec for windows

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    Mpeg streamclip 1.2 codec for windows


    I need mpeg_streamclip_1.2 codec file for my windows xp. I encounter a problem when installing mpeg streamclip on my windows xp. I get an error message: "menu descriptor invalid". Can anyone explain what is wrong please? I really need to convert the video and post articles on the internet read this free software is powerful. please help me

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    Re: Mpeg streamclip 1.2 codec for windows

    Whay you want to use Mpeg streamclip ?, there are many tools for copying, editing and converting video files in various formats: QuickTime, DV, AVI, DivX, WMV, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, AC3 and PCM (this corresponds to an audio format ). As for editing, MPEG Streamclip can copy, paste and cut fragments of video. Try Imtoo mpeg encoder.

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    Re: Mpeg streamclip 1.2 codec for windows

    MPEG Streamclip is a converter audio / video multi-formats. It allows others to take care of videos in many formats, MPEG to MOV via MP4, AVI, DV. It is used to convert many video files, wherever they originate, to better integrate them into timelines mounting Premiere, Windows Movie Maker or other video editing software. MPEG Streamclip knows more download videos from sites like YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video. He recently added to its list Stage6 and Dailymotion.

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    Re: Mpeg streamclip 1.2 codec for windows

    You must install the version of Quicktime Alternative 1.81 to reap the full benefits of the software (latest versions are not yet supported). MPEG Streamclip is compatible with windows xp and windows vista. Formats supported by MPEG Streamclip: MPEG, VOB, PS, M2P, MOD,VRO, DAT, MOV, DV, AVI, MP4, TS, M2T, MMV, REC, VID, AUD, AVR, VDR, PVR, TP0, M2V, M1V, MPV, AIFF, M1A, MP2, MPA, AC3.

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