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Thread: Recover Deleted History

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    Recover Deleted History

    Can deleted history be found ? I want to bring back my deleted history back , is this possible ? do i need a software or some tips in register to get back it !
    thanks for help .

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    Re: Recover Deleted Histor

    The most easy way to restore file is the System Restore feature.there are lot history is saved into the Windows Registry, restoring it to a previous state will restore file and program History.

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    Re: Recover Deleted Histor

    You should look for a Usage Track eraser programs. there will be a program that have been used on your computer. There are program that can erase tracks like :
    • Tracks Eraser Pro - Registry entries plus index.dat files.
    • Microsoft AntiSpyware - Registry entries.
    • Adaware - Registry entries.
    • pybot S&D - Registry entries.

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    Re: Recover Deleted Histor

    Have a look at this thread to know how to bring back dead alive kidding its about Recover Deleted History : Recover Deleted Files
    How to recover a deleted file ?

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