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Thread: Why can't I watch videos on my computer?

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    Why can't I watch videos on my computer?

    I am facing some issue with my Windows media player, whenever i am to see any videos which i have taken from my Samsung digital camera, I am able to see it properly on my digital camera but I can only get a background noise and no picture when I watch them on the computer and sometime i don't get any audio too. Can anyone know would be the issue ?

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    Cannot watch videos on my computer

    I was also facing such kind of issue and after finding a lot i came to know that i don't have the right codec files, normally a codec is a coder/decoder that interprets the files and allows the compressed file to be played on your computer. In that case download the latest Divx or .avi codec, but usually checking the end of the file has the type of compression the file has.

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    Why can't I watch videos on my computer?

    It might happen that some of the Windows media file have got corrupted because of which you are not able to watch any video in that case try to download the latest version of Windows Media player and if that do does work the i would recommend you to install VLC player on your computer and have a check for the same since it's a very good player where you can see all type of video in it.

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