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Thread: what makes a computer fast

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    what makes a computer fast

    I think i was knowing what makes computer faster. My equipment is a single core to 2 GHz computer with a gig of the memory. It has been fast during years and now it seems that it is slow all time. I have Linux operating system. My work, gave to a processor of Dual core of Intel 2.2 GHz computer me with gig of memory and that equipment is slower than molasis. My equipment has a work 800 FSB and 2.2 GHz of dual core running Vista. It is the form slower than my computer. Therefore, I want to buy a new computer but I do not know exactly what more than to look for to have a fast equipment. I have a work and is of dual core with a gig of the memory and the thing is as fast as it can… Is incredible. I believe that it is of Dual core with around a gig of the memory. Vista is executed and done click on any thing and that only the flies. I do not know what is different. I believe that in these days, there is more to obtain a faster computer simply watching to the CPU and the memory. You must watch chipset and a joint vision. But I am not safe of how beginning that is to say what is good.

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    Re: what makes a computer fast

    I think 2GB of RAM is much enough to work on. There are too many motherboards now a days to name the good one. The amount of the speed of the processor that you need you depend than it is doing, but the speed is superior, better. The graphical card in its system of game affects, this is like a processor dedicated to all the graph.

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    Re: what makes a computer fast

    A fast equipment is the one that an operating system and application that is tuned and correct so that this same equipment. The computers are only some of express because it proves or other average ones to determine what is fast and slow.

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    Re: what makes a computer fast

    Its processor uses its own internal, external cache and system of memory cache to celebrate the most used is the accomplishment of instructions. The more ram that has the more instructions that can be introduced and the more fast it will be the CPU can have access to them instead of to throw from the hard disk. Its slowest CPU is only is going to work as fast as Peripheral than is based on. Sense, his if its CPU must hope in the video of buffers to drain before sending more information to them, then is that slow. Unloading? Anyway, I hope that this is useful…

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