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Thread: PowerDVD crash in Vista Media center

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    PowerDVD crash in Vista Media center

    I had upgraded PowerDVD to PowerDVD9 last week. It was working fine but when I switch it to cinema mode it crashes. I did not really able to find the result behind this. This has now happened several times. Does the software is corrupted or my Media center. The picture plays properly in picture mode with not issues. But the same goes down when set it to cinema mode.

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    Re: PowerDVD crash in Vista Media center

    Have you downloaded the trail version. Just check out in the Help option for it. If it is a trial software then it comes with minimum functions. You are not allowed to use the full functions and may be this can be the cause behind the crash. Get a new full download and then try to play. If it works then probably the old one is not working properly.

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    Re: PowerDVD crash in Vista Media center

    The only way to make it work is to re-install the application back again by getting the fresh setup file. There can be some missing or corrupt file due to which the application is crashing. Do this when the application is crashed a error report is generated. Go the detail view and click on technical and then see the cause of the problem. If it is related to any critical system file then you will need a re-install.

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    Re: PowerDVD crash in Vista Media center

    Try to update your Video drivers to the latest date. This can be a hardware flow error. May be the drivers are not strong enough to send the video on high resolution. You old driver is not properly rendering the video flow on the screen. A fresh update can solve up your issue. Second thing you can try is to reinstall the application back again and see weather the problem is solved or not.

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