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Thread: Download uTorrent's Webui

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    Download uTorrent's Webui

    I am looking for uTurrent Webui download. Does anyone is using the same. I do not know how to configure it. Please send some instructions regarding the uTorrent Webui download and installation guide. I am using the Bittorent client right now to download multiple free games and software's. But as when heard about the WebUI. I want a download link for the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Download uTorrent's Webui

    The same I am looking for. I had searched on some site and downloaded the same. But cannot know how to configure it. I had run the software and it ask for some server or local host address. But what I should type there. I had tried to figure out the same and does that by adding out some IP addresses but it not working. Any help really appreciated.

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    Re: Download uTorrent's Webui

    First to make it work enable it. The go to preferences > advance > webui. Here you will have to check your firewall status and then assign a post. In the same way then in the browser open the same and configure it. You will have to assign a your port number properly otherwise it will not work properly.

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    Re: Download uTorrent's Webui

    We do not entertain such topic on the forum. Please read the forum rules and post appropriate queries. Illegal and unauthorized free dowloload and topics are not allowed to discuss on the forum. It voids the forum rule. Please read the forum rules carefully before posting. Thanks

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