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Thread: Best disk cloning software?

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    Best disk cloning software?

    Hello Guys,

    I have to clone the contents of my hard drive for backup purposes.I would generally went for Ghost.But i heard there are some very untrustworthy reviews of it.Can anyone suggest a hard drive cloning application like True Image, Drive Image.which is better?.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Best disk cloning software?

    I have a list of such software with me.I own Deepspar and it is bit expensive.Another one Data Extractor is pretty good. Can be a bit slow sometimes but I have had infinitive more success with this than most.Data Compass I never used but willing to give a go if it gets better..YEC NINJA is such good application people are satisfied with it.Mediatools is just Fantastic bit of software for DOS level, You can leave it run for weeks and months and get some great results

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    Re: Best disk cloning software?

    I would support super Duper & Carbon Copy Cloner both work well.You could also use Time Machine to make a backup then use Disk Utility to restore the image to your SSD. There are discussions on how to do that somewhere on this forum.Not an issue what method you end up using, you'll also require a USB drive or a CD with DellEFI to install those components to the hidden EFI partition that makes all of this possible in the first position

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    Re: Best disk cloning software?

    I would advise you give a try to find a free version of Acronis. There's been some given away previously a few months ago. If you Google the application you may find a site that's still giving older versions away. I don't have it in my bookmarks as I've just recently done a fresh install of windows. I have the latest version of Acronis True Image, but haven't used it yet.

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