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Thread: Is it safe Uniblue DRiver Scanner?

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    Is it safe Uniblue DRiver Scanner?


    I am using Windows vista Home Premium on my computer. Me using Uniblue Driver Scanner giving me 3 safe and 1 moderate to download.Am getting the Blue Screen of Death I thought a Driver update might help. Looking for someone who uses it to advise of safety.


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    Re: Is it safe Uniblue DRiver Scanner?

    Hi there,Me got and tried uniblue driverscanner and, well, it won't proceed to the three driver updates i want without my buying the non free product. Then i looked in to in the vista device manager and it said that the drivers were all up to date.So I search for the updates.If uniblue is more accurate than Vistas update search, or if Uniblue's program is somehow giving me results that can't be trusted, then i'm not sure about your posting on this product, at all.

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    Re: Is it safe Uniblue DRiver Scanner?

    Myself installed that application when I lost my sound driver after a format.But unfortunately it could not find my needs and did not even show an error on the sound driver.So I did not keep it for it only found a monitor and internet driver update.It should be as good as the others for driver updates.It's all part of uniblue.So i would suggest just create a system restore point before installing this program that way if anything goes wrong there by you can do system restore and go back before the program was installed

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    Re: Is it safe Uniblue DRiver Scanner?

    The only uniblue product that I use is SeedUpMyP.C. an it not all that great but I use it from time to time.I am not fond of Uniblue Driver Scanner either, it did not search out all the updated drivers that I needed as well.Your best bet is to get familiar with what drivers that are needed for you Desktop or Laptop then look for them the the sites that they are on.

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