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Thread: Burn iso to USB stick

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    Burn iso to USB stick

    I don't have the DVD or CD writer, i want burn the ISO file, can i burn ISO on my USB flash drive? Which software to use?

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    Re: Burn iso to USB stick

    See, i haven't tried this but you can do if your USB flash drive is formatted as a bootable drive or if you have copy pasted the bootable ISO image file on your USB drive and your mobo supports the BIOS that has a support for USB bootable devices .

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    Re: Burn iso to USB stick

    If you are talking about booting a linux iso. Then you simply copy as stated above not burn the iso image to the usb drive, the run syslinux and when prompted, select yes to make the usb drive bootable. DO the following:

    • Download Pendrive Linux
    • Using Winrar or another extraction program, extract the contents of Pendrive Linux into the root of your newly formatted USB drive
    • When it finishes extracting, open the USB directory, and open the file makeboot.dat. This will make your USB drive bootable
    • Your USB is ready for booting. Plug it into the computer you want to find the password for.
    • Reboot/Start the computer

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    Re: Burn iso to USB stick

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