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Thread: How to shrink .avi file

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    How to shrink .avi file

    I have a 5.3GB recorder video file. The file is in .avi format and it is recorded from a hd device. I am using Nero to burn a DVD disc out of it. But it is not fitting on one single DVD. Nero is splitting the disc into two. I don't want to do that. If I burn the same in a Blu Ray disc then I can only see it because many of my known people does not has a blu ray device. I want a solution by which I can burn the movie in a single disc without losing the quality. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to shrink .avi file

    There are many shrinking tools which are used to compress an audio video file to a single disc. But if you compress it to an much lower quantity then it is possible that your video quality will degrade. The best software I will recommend you is DVD Shrink for Shrinking video in a single disk. . Just select the movie in this tool and insert a recordable disc. Burn it the rest will done by the software. See the thread for more detail and download -

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    Re: How to shrink .avi file

    The best software I will recommend you is Super. It is a freeware DVD Shrink tool. Super can shrink you videos to a desirable rate and place them on a single disc. It is a disc burner, player, encoder and decoder. It is a simple and very efficient tools used to convert a multiple range of audio and video formats. The software is equipped tons of features which are very easy to use. You can not only shrink but split, join, demux a file.

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    Re: How to shrink .avi file

    Try Pocket DivXEncoder. A very handy and simple software. Pocket DivXEncoder is used to encode any video clip and ensure the quality also. The software is compatible with multiple platforms and includes a built in media player. It has a single main window which ask you for the source and destination file. Then below you have all the relevant settings. Go to the size part and assign the output. Click on Encode and you are done.

    Pocket DivxEncoder

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