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Thread: how to trace email addresses?

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    how to trace email addresses?

    Which software is use for tracing where an email came from. I have account in yahoo mail, Sometimes unknown user send information or corrupted mail from a fake address.

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    Re: how to trace email addresses?

    To trace the e-mail you have to look at the header. The header is the part in which the route the email has taken is being described. To for tracing where an email came fromLog into your account and open the email, At the top right, you’ll see there is a drop-down option where Standard Header is selected by default.Click on it and choose Full Header.It will display information about sender with it's ip address.

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    Re: how to trace email addresses?

    Super Email Harvester is powerful bulk email software for extracting email addresses and sending email. Super Email Harvester extracts e-mail addresses from targeted email servers. It connects to the email server directly and simulates sending a message, but does not send the message out - Super Email Harvester disconnects as soon as target email server informs whether this address exists or not.

    Download Super Email Harvester

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    Re: how to trace email addresses?

    eMailTrackerPro helps identify the true source of emails to help track suspects, verify the sender of a message, trace and report email abusers. The trace analysis reports the sender's IP address, estimated location, network and domain information. eMailTrackerPro also helps uncover misdirection -- a technique often used to disguise the sender -- to expose the true origins of the email.A plug-in for MS Outlook adds a button to the Outlook toolbar for one-click email tracing. For other email programs, the header information may be easily pasted into eMailTrackerPro for quick analysis.

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    Re: how to trace email addresses?

    A former boyfriend's new girlfriend has received a half a dozen nasty e-mails from a gmail account.. They determined it was an alias and he is trying to take me to court..accusing me of sending them. I suggested they start a formal investigation with the police and they are supposivly going to subpoena gmail for their records. I didn't do it, but is there anyway someone could cut and paste and IP address or make it look like it came from my home IP address. I was at worked all day, using another IP address which I will be happy to provide as well...I think I'm just paranoid that it can be traced back to me by someone very computer savvy.

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    Re: how to trace email addresses?

    check the headers of the IP address, and if there is someone around you who is a computer worm, tell him to investigate it... E-Mail headers have everything in it, but you need some serious time to crack it...

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