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Thread: How to remove noise from a video background

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    How to remove noise from a video background

    I had recorded some videos for my project work. This audio a lot disturbing noise in the background. You guys can be familiar with the noise at the time of recording. This is very disturbing when played at high sound. I had separated the audio and video. Now can anyone tell me how to remove a background noise and which is appropriate tool for the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to remove noise from a video background

    Download Audacity for that. In Audacity you can remove the background sound to some extent. Run Audacity and import your audio in that. You can see a graphical display for that. Then go to effect and select Noise Removal. Select the part where there is noise in the background. A window will pop up. Click on Remove Noise. Play the audio back again the noise in the background will disappear.

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    Re: How to remove noise from a video background

    If you have Adobe Auditions then you can do that thing. When you import the audio you can see a display in the format of a line graph. Then select the part which has noise and right click on that. Go to Effects > Noise Reduction and select the entire file. Click Preview to check that the effect is working and then click OK to confirm. There is a reduction level slider. As you move it the sound will go low and high.

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    Re: How to remove noise from a video background

    Try Sound Forge tool for this purpose. Sound Forge is fully functional audio editor tool which is specially designed to add and edit audio. The Enhance Audio effects can enable you to use the 30 built in audio effects such as EQ, chorus, delay, reverb, etc. The sound effects includes background sound removal and multiple enhancements. It is for advance audio editors.

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    Re: How to remove noise from a video background

    I prefer use the program VidCrop PRO and I like this program.

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