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Thread: How to take sql server 2008 Backup

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    How to take sql server 2008 Backup

    I wanted to take the backup of SQL server 2008, this is the database i have maintained for keeping employee details, and it would be beneficial for me if i take a backup of whole of data Please guide how should i done that.


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    Re: How to take sql server 2008 Backup

    Windows can backup Microsoft SQL Server databases running on your computer to your IBackup account. It can backup SQL Server database to local hard disk or network storage device. everal options are available for defining your backup and recovery model and your choices will determine the reliability and the amount of data loss your company can acceptably incur. It takes advantage of the embedded capabilities in Microsoft SQL Server's backup and restore functions to ensure fast and reliable backup and restore.

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    Re: How to take sql server 2008 Backup

    SQL Server databases may be backed up to either a disk or tape media. Backup may be performed through SQL Server Enterprise Manager or a Transact-SQL command. In fact, we will just talk about how to restore database that is in full recovery model. high performance compression technology allows companies to reduce storage requirements, reduce backup times and speed recovery duration, while maintaining complete control over the backup and recovery process.

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    Re: How to take sql server 2008 Backup

    Following are the three database recovery model options are. Simple, Full, Bulk Logged Recovery model. If the tape to which the backup is being written fills up, SQL Server Enterprise Manager pops a dialog box and prompts for the next tape. The appropriate choice depends on your applications and the criticality of your data. These settings can be configured either through Enterprise Manager or through T-SQL using the ALTER DATABASE command. This is in contrast to disk backups, where inadequate disk space terminates the backup operation.

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