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Thread: Separate mp3 into tracks

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    Separate mp3 into tracks

    I have some mp3 format recorded files which contain continuous recording of long file and more size.I need to divide this recording into tracks also if possible want to change format so i can play on cd player. So please tell me how can i separating the file into tracks.
    thank you

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    Re: Separate mp3 into tracks

    Split An MP3 Into Tracks

    • Load An MP3
    • Run the software and click "Load A Sound File".
    • Select your MP3 and click "Open".
    • Preview And Edit Your Multi-Track MP3
    • The software automatically splits the MP3 into multiple tracks. If there were any erroneous tracks created or if there was extra silence, you can edit it by clicking "Split" and/or by dragging the track markers.
    • Once you are satisfied, click "Next".
    • Enter in the artist, album, genre and track names. This will affect how the individual MP3s are named and tagged.
    • Pick A Destination & Format.
    • If you want to put it on an MP3 player, make sure it"s plugged in and then click "Choose" and select it from the list. Otherwise, choose a folder on your computer. You can also choose a format (MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA) and click "Details" to change the bit rate and other advanced settings.
    • Click "Next" and it will split your tracks

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    Re: Separate mp3 into tracks

    Download Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner. Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner is a program that will split and combine WAV and MP3 files. You can cut a large audio file to small parts without recompression and loss in quality.

    For splitting you don't need enter start and end time manually. It's enough to select the desired part visually using a mouse - the program draws MP3 and WAV files as waveform. It's very easy to find a sound fragment by scrolling and zooming.

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    Re: Separate mp3 into tracks

    Using labels to split your recording into multiple tracks requires you to record all your tracks into one audio track on the Audacity screen.

    1. Select the second track by clicking in its Track Panel (where the mute/solo buttons are).
    2. Choose Cut from the Edit menu.
    3. Place the cursor in the white space after the end of the audio in the first track.
    4. Choose Paste from the Edit menu.
    5. Close the second track by clicking the [X] top left of its Track Panel.

    check here for more

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