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Thread: Burn movies to play on home dvd player

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    Burn movies to play on home dvd player

    i have downloaded some moves that i downloaded from internet now all that movies i wanted to burn in dvd do that ican play on my home dvd player. i dont know how to burn such dvd so please help me the best to do this.
    thank you

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    Re: Burn movies to play on home dvd player

    I have philips dvd player which supports data format so the file that i download from internet which mostly of .avi format i directly burn in data dvd format as my player is capable to display .avi movies so no need to make dvd disk so check your dvd player format support.

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    Re: Burn movies to play on home dvd player

    Check format of your files because if you want to convert or burn to dvd so try AVI to VCD/SVCD/DVD Converter .AVI to VCD/SVCD/DVD Converter is a powerful Batch AVI Converter, it lets you easily to convert AVI files to VCD/SVCD/DVD format files that can be played on your VCD/DVD Player. It allows to specify NTSC or PAL format of output file, PAL-to-NTSC conversion and vice versa. supports for AVI, Divx, MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4 formats. after conversion you can burn disk with Nero.

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    Re: Burn movies to play on home dvd player

    You have to convert files to mpeg2 files you can use CloneDVD 2 copies movies to create unparalleled picture quality DVD backups, whether itís the main title youíre copying or the complete DVD. CloneDVD will compress long footage at high speed to the highest of quality using specialized transcoding technology, allowing you to select your audio and language settings and also the final target size.

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