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Thread: DVD Cloner 5 Disc Error

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    DVD Cloner 5 Disc Error

    I had just downloaded DVD Cloner 5 for my laptop. The reason to get this tool is that it has blu ray disc support. But when I insert disc and burn it with DVD Cloner it gives up No Disc Error. My DVD Writer is working fine. Because recently I had burned a audio disc by using Nero. I had checked the DVD Drive it playing movies and sound. So the problem specifically lies with DVD Cloner. Any suggestion really appreciated.

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    Re: DVD Cloner 5 Disc Error

    I think you had downloaded the trial version of DVD Cloner. This can be due to that also. Because the trial version expires after a period and it also gives a limited access to the full feature of the software. Go the official site of DVD Cloner and purchase the full version of the software. The cost for the same is around $80.

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    Re: DVD Cloner 5 Disc Error

    It can be a installation error. Because DVD Cloner is not able to identify a disc but others do this properly. If you have the setup file then just re-install it. Go to start menu > control panel > add remove. Uninstall the software from the list and then select to remove. Now restart your system and and run a fresh copy back again.

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    Re: DVD Cloner 5 Disc Error

    Here is some points you can consider when you are using DVD Clone. First make sure that your DVD drive is detected by DVD Cloner. It supports the hardware and it is listed in the source column. Then change the disc and use a fresh dish. The disc may corrupted. The DVD Cloner site has launched a new version. If you want you can try that also.

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